SBC Exports Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2027, 2030 to 2050

SBC Exports Limited is a versatile company with a presence in multiple sectors, including textiles, information technology, and travel services. Founded in 2011, it builds on a trading legacy established by Late Mr. Ganesh Prasad Gupta, furthered by his son Late Mr. Dheerendra Kumar Gupta, with the vision of expanding its horizons. Mr. Govindji Gupta, the Managing Director, now leads the company. SBC Exports is headquartered in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, India, where it initiated its journey with the trading of handmade carpets, cushion covers, cotton quilts, and bedspreads. The company established itself as a well-known brand in Uttar Pradesh. In 2015-16, it expanded its operations to include the trading of hosiery fabrics and garments, with manufacturing units in Mirzapur and Sahibabad Industrial Area, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. SBC Exports is dedicated to maintaining high standards and producing high-quality apparel for diverse markets.

Key Information:

Industry: Export/Import
Type: Private Limited Company
Founded: 1991
Headquarters: Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh
Exchange: NSE
Country: India

Fundamentals of SBC Exports:
Understanding the fundamental aspects of SBC Exports is pivotal for potential investors:

Market Cap: ₹5.52 billion
Enterprise Value: ₹5,616,302,080.00
Shares Outstanding: 211.64 million
P/E Ratio: 59.32
Price/Book: 15.82
Book Value: ₹1.65
Debt/Equity: 64.13
Price/Sales: 2.67
Earnings Per Share: ₹0.44
Revenue Per Share: ₹9.98
Total Cash Per Share: ₹0.22
Dividend Rate: ₹0.05
Ex-Dividend Date: September 18, 2023
Dividend Yield: 0.19%
Total Cash: ₹46.48 million
Total Debt: ₹224.72 million
Total Revenue: ₹2.07 billion
Gross Profit: ₹314.23 million
Gross Margin: 17.96%
% Held by Insiders: 66.95%

SBC Exports Share Price Targets:

2023: In 2023, a modest growth trajectory is expected for SBC Exports. The company’s consistent expansion, improving market presence, and stable financial performance are likely to drive investor confidence and lead to gradual increases in share prices. The minimum target for 2023 is projected to be INR 28, with a maximum target of INR 35.

2024: Moving into 2024, SBC Exports is expected to maintain its growth momentum. The company’s strategic initiatives, including entering new markets and diversifying its product portfolio, are anticipated to yield positive outcomes. These factors, along with overall market conditions and industry trends, are likely to support the company’s growth prospects. The minimum target for 2024 is estimated at INR 33, with a maximum target of INR 42.

2025: By 2025, SBC Exports is poised to witness further expansion and the consolidation of its market position. The company’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its supply chain, enhance operational efficiencies, and capitalize on emerging opportunities are expected to drive revenue growth. Investor sentiment and market demand for the company’s shares are projected to push share prices higher, with a minimum target of INR 39 and a maximum target of INR 50.

2026: As we look to 2026, SBC Exports is anticipated to benefit from favorable macroeconomic conditions and sustained growth in the global trade landscape. The company’s strong customer relationships, robust product offerings, and effective cost-management strategies are expected to contribute to its financial performance. This positive outlook is likely to be reflected in the share prices, which are projected to continue their upward trend, with a minimum target of INR 47 and a maximum target of INR 60.

2027: By 2027, SBC Exports is expected to experience accelerated growth, driven by its expansion into new markets and the increasing demand for its products. The company’s adaptability to evolving consumer preferences, technological advancements, and changing industry dynamics will play a pivotal role in its success. The market’s confidence in SBC Exports is anticipated to drive share prices higher, with a minimum target of INR 56 and a maximum target of INR 72.

2030: In the perspective of 2030, SBC Exports is forecasted to be a well-established industry player with a strong brand reputation and global market presence. The increasing adoption of e-commerce and the rising demand for its products in emerging economies may contribute to a significant rise in share prices, with a minimum target of INR 80 and a maximum target of INR 100.

2040: By 2040, SBC Exports is projected to have solidified its position as a leading player in the international market. The company’s sustained growth, continuous innovation, and strategic investments in research and development are likely to drive its success. The increasing globalization and trade opportunities, coupled with the company’s robust financial performance, may result in significant appreciation of its share prices, with a minimum target of INR 150 and a maximum target of INR 200.

2050: Looking ahead to 2050, SBC Exports is anticipated to have achieved substantial growth and become a global powerhouse in its industry. Evolving global trade landscape and increasing demand for its products are expected to drive share prices to new heights, with a minimum target of INR 250 and a maximum target of INR 350.


It is important to emphasize that this article does not provide financial advice or stock recommendations. Share price predictions are inherently speculative and are for educational purposes only. Always conduct thorough research and seek advice from financial experts before making investment decisions.

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